Farming provides the means to safeguard the natural beauty of this land and to experience it hands-on.  This
effort affords our guests with the means to truly be part of this place.  While you are here, you will sample
the products grown on our land.  You may take part in the farm activities, which will increase your
understanding and therefore appreciation of the relationship that we have to the land and to the food it
provides us.  

If you long to know a place, to feel a connection to it, visit Cinnabar and immerse yourself in the farm by
observing and participating. You will experience singular meals that are the result of the effort of passionate
artisans who recognize the importance of knowing from where their ingredients come.  As you partake, you,
too, will become part of this place.

In the heirloom vegetable garden at Cinnabar we strive to realize a bounty of nutritious organic vegetables
and fruits by thoughtfully stewarding the farm’s most basic component – its soil. Daily,  kitchen scraps and
green matter from the garden are collected. We allow it to decay and age in compost heaps, then turn it into
the soil in March. We sow nitrogen-building legume and cover crops to protect bare soil from erosion and to
gain energy for the upcoming growing season.


A garden is not worth growing if it cannot be shared with others.   The people at Cinnabar enjoy visitors to
the garden.  They revel in passing on their knowledge and reverence for history.  The garden rows offer an
ideal classroom.  Our fruit trees, diverse vegetables and seed preservation will be illuminating destinations
on your visit to the garden. One can simply absorb the spirit of the garden, or take a hands-on approach if
dirty fingernails are within your comfort zone.

The Farm