Today’s fast-paced, drive-through world often does not present the opportunity to think about the food that
is being consumed, where it came from or its history.  When a guest at Cinnabar views the chef’s creations
on their plate, they are looking at far more than a bean, carrot or pea.  They are looking at living history—an
unbroken chain of genetic diversity handed down to us by our ancestors.

We understand that establishing culinary renown requires more than a particular specialty or one person’s
touch. It is a rare collection of artisans — the chef, the master gardener, the baker, the cheese maker, the
jam lady — who blend their unique talents to create what our guests know as Cinnabar.


Spend three days with us and learn bread baking, cheese making and vegetable harvesting.  Days begin with
brisk walks and end with building community around a dining table.  You will learn two complete menus and
take home our recipe booklet with you.

You will spend time on the farm and learn how food grows and what it takes to bring fresh produce to the
table.  You will take with you an appreciation that healthy food can be tasty too.

Contact us for details.
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